Keynote Speakers 1: Dr. Davood Askarany
The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Dr Askarany is a leading researcher in the area of diffusion of management accounting innovations in New Zealand. He has successfully received funding for and conducted major research projects in this area within Australia, New Zealand, UK and the Middle East. His research and professional interests primarily rest in diffusion of innovation, management accounting, organisational change, performance measurement, and diffusion theory. He has published extensively in these areas, for both academic and professional outlets. He has served as an editorial board member and a primary reviewer of more than 20 international journals such as 'International Journal of Production and Economics', ‘Group and Organization Management’ and ‘Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change’.

Keynote Speakers 2: Dr. Marek Pawlak
Catholic University, Lublin, Poland
Professor Marek Pawlak is a graduate of the Technical University of Lublin, Poland, a doctor of technical sciences and professor of economic sciences. For 22 years he worked at the Lublin University of Technology and was among others a Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management and Technical Sciences. He is currently working at the Catholic University in Lublin. For 11 years he was here the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. He is the author of more than 100 scholarly works including 8 books. His articles have been published in such journals as: Quality and Quantity, Industrial Management and Data Systems, Advances in Business and Management, International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration. The areas of his research are: corporate governance, CSR, application of IT in management. He was a member of boards of directors of three industrial companies.

Keynote Speakers 3: Dr. M. Eulalia Torras-Virgili
OBS Business School, Barcelona, Spain
Professor Dr. M. Eulalia Torras-Virgili is a graduate at the University of Barcelona, Spain, Ph.D. in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychobiology at University of Barcelona and Ph.D. in Information and Knowledge Society at Open University of Catalonia. She is accredited as professor from the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) of the Ministry of Education and Culture at Spain. For 16 years she worked at Open University of Catalonia, International University of Catalonia, International University of Valencia and OBS Business School. She is currently the main researcher at the International OBServatory on Online Higher Education in Management which is an international community of presidents, deans, managers, professors and researchers from business schools or universities dedicated to online higher education in management. Several articles and books on the teaching-learning in higher education and the use of information and communications technology have been published by her. The areas of his research are: online higher education in management, professional knowledge and learning analytics in management. He was a member of boards at diverse journals.

Keynote Speakers 4: Dr. Lin Wang
Tianjin Normal University, China
Wang Lin is a professor in the Department of Information Resource Management, School of Management at Tianjin Normal University. He was a visiting scholar in University of California Berkeley. He is a guest research fellow in the National Information Resource Management Institute at Beijing. He is a trustee of Tianjin Society for Chinese Information Research and Tianjin Association of Public Administration. He is also a member of editorial board of American Journal of Information Management. He has been elected as an expert of Xinhua News Agency Outlook Think Tank. He is a reviewer of program committee for many international conferences, such as i Conference. He got his PhD degree from Peking University. His research interest includes foundation of information science, information seeking behavior, corporate knowledge management and information service and use. He has hosted more than 20 academic projects. He has published nearly eighty academic papers in the international journals and leading peer-reviewed information science journals in China. His several papers were awarded as the best paper in the national academic organizations such as Chinese National S&T Information Society, Chinese S&T Communication Society.

Conference News

News 1. ICMESD2015 have been held successful from February 6-8, 2015 in Wuhan, Hubei, China,and have been indexed by CPCI.
News 2. ICMESD2016 have been held successful from May 13-15, 2016 in Wuhan, Hubei, China, and have been indexed by CPCI.
News 3. ICMESD2017 have been held successful from May 26- May 28, 2017 in Guangzhou, China. and have been indexed by CPCI and CNKI.
News 4. ICMESD2018 have been held successful from May 18- May 20, 2018 in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China.